Footprints Services 

Individual Play Therapy

Individual play therapy sessions offer children and young people who are experiencing emotional distress an opportunity to explore their feelings and experiences.  The sessions offer children and young people an opportunity to be heard, understood and to express themselves through play, sand and art, supported by a qualified play therapist who will bring in to the child's awareness their challenges and strengths as they emerge within the sessions.   

Short and long term individual play therapy packages available.  Sessions last from thirty to sixty minutes depending on the age and developmental needs of each individual child/ young person.  The average individual play therapy package consists of six to twelve individual sessions.  The sessions can take place within schools, children centers, homes and hospitals.  The individual play therapy package includes a consultation meeting and a review/ ending meeting, wherein feedback and recommendations will be offered to parents and professionals as appropriate.

Individual Play Therapy Sessions £45 per session

Six week Individual Play Therapy Package (including consultation meeting and feedback meeting)   £270.00

Twelve week Individual Play Therapy Package (including consultation meeting, review meeting and feedback meeting)  £540.00

Long term packages and multiple referral packages for schools, services and agencies are negotiable.  Please contact me directly to discuss your individual requirements.

Group Play Therapy

Group Play Therapy offers a dynamic opportunity for children and young people to share a therapeutic experience which aims to heal and respond to a range of challenges/ experiences faced by children and young people.  

The main advantage that play therapy offers is the social opportunities it provides, in that children accessing group play therapy are learning about themselves and others whilst in the presence of peers or siblings and can learn equally from the experiences and input of others.  In addition they are offered an opportunity to try out new social skills within a safe and controlled environment and can begin to feel that they are not alone in their experiences and feelings.  

Group play therapy is often used to address particular shared life experiences or challenges such as exposure to domestic violence, caring for a parent or sibling with mental health, disability, drug or alcohol issues.  

Group Play Therapy Session £60 

Six week Group Play Therapy Session Package ​£360.00

Twelve week Group Play Therapy Session Package £720.00

Nurture Groups

Nurture Groups offer a unique opportunity for small or larger groups to share an experience in which they focus on learning about each others needs and views, whilst developing a shared sense of belonging.  Nurture groups can be particularly beneficial to school classes, children in the care of the local authority and children/ young people being supported in hospitals and alternative educational provisions.

Nurture Group Session £60

Six Week Nurture Group Package £360.00

Twelve Week Nurture Group Package £720.00  


Training can be provided to teams of professionals including school staff, volunteers, social workers, school nurses, Children Center staff, social care staff and students, behaviour and attendance professionals, voluntary sector staff and hospital staff.

Training on the following issues is provided:-

  • Attachment

  • Child Development

  • Attunement through Play

  • Resilience through Play

  • Emotional Regulation through play 

  • Impact of domestic violence on children and young people

  • Impact of caring for a parent with mental health difficulties

  • Therapeutic Play Techniques

  • Sand play Techniques

  • Life Stories played out

  • Therapeutic Stories

  • Impact of caring for a parent with drug/ alcohol difficulties

  • Impact of caring for a sibling with ASD, mental health difficulties and/ or complex needs

  • Understanding your child's behaviour

  • Responding therapeutically to children

  • Supporting children and young people who have experienced neglect, abuse or trauma


Twilight Training Sessions (1-2 hours)   £120.00

Half Day Training £200.00

Full Day Training £400.00


For further training sessions and to discuss training tailored to your service area/ provision please contact me directly to discuss.


Consultation sessions are available to individuals, schools and services who would like to discuss the individual needs of a child and/or group of children.  Individual consultation sessions can be arranged at a cost of £45 per hour.  Where an agreed package of additional therapeutic support is arranged with Footprints - the separate consultation fee is wavered in-line with the packages above.

'As a school we have benefited greatly from the services provided by Footprints.  The feedback has been insightful and fully comprehensive - complimented by all staff members involved.'


Helen Ede (Deputy Head Teacher) Newham Bridge Primary School

'I would like to drop you a few lines reference regarding our experience after our little girl, K worked with you…..


K was recommended for play therapy by her reception teacher. K was a looked after child for the first 4 years of her life and then was placed with us after being approved for Adoption. K is exceptionally bright and someone I would describe as ‘street wise’ and head strong. K was becoming as challenging at school as she probably had been at home for some time. K’s teacher had tried lots of different things to try and help K but none of them were working and she had become more and more disruptive, totally playing up but towards the end becoming destructive having damaged other children’s property and then school equipment. We were extremely desperate and although we didn’t want to give up on K we felt as her parents totally at a loss as to our next step. As K was more unruly at school she became harder to handle at home and so we were ready to listen to anyone and take any advice. Another meeting at K’s school took place and play therapy was suggested as a priority and at a meeting we were able to explain K’s situation, meet with Marie and ask any questions we had as well as air any worries…..


I have to say after meeting with Marie my husband and I felt very satisfied that K was in safe hands. As the weeks went on we started to notice that K was changing her attitude towards us, her sister, her childminder and the kids who went there with her. K's teacher also said things were getting easier. After all of the sessions had taken place Marie passed on a folder with K’s story laid out and explained in a way that we could understand how she was feeling and why she was acting like she was……………it was a real ‘light bulb’ moment for all who knew and loved K……


We felt like we had got things so wrong after absorbing the information and all of the signs had been there for us to see plain and simple but I guess it felt like we were blind! We can’t believe how enlightening, rewarding and life changing Marie’s work with K has been. Since the therapy K is doing brilliantly at school, she is a different child at home, don’t get me wrong she still has her moments but the difference is that K seems to have the ability to express herself before she loses control. It has truly been life changing for us and K and the lovely thing now is that if we felt K was ever worried or becoming challenging we have a number to call…………..Marie’s!


I would recommend Marie and the work she does to anyone struggling and in our situation……'


Parent of K who engaged in short term play therapy support

'We have used the service for several months to provide play therapy support sessions for identified KS1 & KS2 pupils.  The service has provided an invaluable support mechanism for vulnerable pupils with emotional difficulties.  The consultation and reporting process with parents/ carers and other associated professionals before commencing the support and on completion of the support has been led with sensitivity, professionalism and understanding.  I could very easily find use for this service every school day! ' 


            Julie Sutton (Head Teacher)

Newport Primary School, Middlesbrough

     Feedback from Training Workshops


'An informative and sensitively facilitated introduction to working with small worlds within the structure of a sandtray.  Clear instructions and really useful for participants to directly experience the sandtray for themselves.  Thank you Marie.'    Redcar Link Participant


'Marie is an excellent and very skilled trainer and practitioner.  The whole team thoroughly enjoyed the training and her easy and friendly manner means that it was anything but boring!'


Redcar Link Participant